A cafe and restaurant serving seasonal pastries and full-course dishes, as well as a coffee, beer, and wine menu that captures the bi-coastal variances of leading culinary locales.


A notorious 18th century Parisian coffeehouse known for their vices and excesses, the original Au Tambour Royale hosted such boisterous characters as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

We wanted to bring a little of that tasty tomfoolery to Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, with Royal Drummer.

Every month we re-envision our menu, offering new sandwiches, salads, and coffees highlighting a collection of artisans from the Pacific Northwest and further afield. Above all, we look forward to serving you.



(206) 420-7723






6420 24th Ave NW
Seattle, Washington



Every day 6a–8p
Happy hour 4p-7p


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the Royal Drummer seasonal showcase

Bellflower drinking chocolate
Bellflower's Alto Beni Bolivia dark chocolate steamed with half and half and served with a house-crafted toasted marshmallow

Columbia Gorge apple cider
Columbia Gorge spiced apple cider steamed with a sprinkle of cinnamon

Columbia Gorge spiced apple cider steamed with Royal Drummer Cafe chai and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Turmeric ginger latte
A latter prepared with our house-crafted turmeric ginger syrup, espresso, and your choice of milk